Hi, I’m Renee.

I teach and coach first time and initial stage overseas real estate buyers the necessary steps in selecting, qualifying and finalizing the real estate opportunity and strategy which map their ideal wealth and profit creation path and unique situation.

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How to mentally Prepare Yourself for an Overseas Real Estate Investment?

Get Started with Real Estate Investment

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Get Started with Real Estate Investment

The EXACT Step-By-Step Process Refined To Ensure Every Real Estate Transaction You Enter Are Well Assessed And Risk-Averse

Here we focus on your transformation

The Mission of Centicon Onyond is to empower our students with the fundamental knowledge, mindset and market insights so that they can craft the best wealth creation path for themselves through real estate. 

It all comes down to the vision of supporting early-stage and busy business owners a solid wealth growing path that brings Renee Yanxu into starting up this online education journey. Having worked with two of those fortunate 500 companies as a corporate girl serving private high networths and institutional investors to finally taking care of her family’s assets, as well as working with individual investors in her past agency company to map out the best wealth growing strategy through overseas real estate investment, Renee has witnessed that every investor’s need and investment path is different. It is her vision to support every student and client of hers with the real estate investment knowledge she has accumulated and support them map out their unique investment path through an educated and well-assessed decision. That’s how Centicon Onyond Academy was established.

Centicon Onyond, originated from Italian, meaning, expanding from the center with no limits. And your success is our center of focus. We exist to support you expand your wealth with the experiences, resources and knowledge. And this transformation starts from here.

The In-Demand, Property Investment Made Easy Podcast

Who won’t want to learn from the practitioners and avoid expensive mistakes?!

In my experience, Investment Wisdom & Insights are two key factors that can maximize your investment success, especially if these sharings come from industry experts or those experienced ones who have walked your walk, agree?

That’s why we bring in real estate investors and industry experts from different background to share their market knowledge, experience and strategy so you can learn from them and “pick mind” from them!